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Here's the one good picture I really liked from the Minolta camera. I took this while on consulting assignment in Riverside. I was walking between two buildings along a path lined with agapanthums, and happened to notice this beautiful butterfly fluttering around on a flower head. I stopped and snapped about a dozen shots; I was so surprised that I didn't scare him (or her?) off since I moved in within a few inches for this close-up. You can actually see the proboscis reaching into the blossom for a drink of nectar. Lucky me.
Here's a shot of an orchid from the Arboretum of Los Angeles County. I'm a member there (as well as at the Huntington Library, which also has a wonderful garden). I found this beautiful bloom in the Tropical Greenhouse there. It's an impressive display filled with bunches of gorgeous blossoms like this one. 
Here's another beauty...
Last orchid, I promise (there were a lot of others though)!
Last flower for now. This shot really shows how close the Sony Mavica can get. I could get even closer, but this bud filled the frame and there didn't seem to be any point to getting in any closer than this. In many ways the orchids are more beautiful, but I think they'll never overtake roses in overall seduction, simply because of the sweet perfume from the rose.
I was driving home from work in late March of 2000, and saw this spectacular display through the tinted portion of my windshield while driving. I just had to pull over and snap a few shots while the sun was bursting from behind the clouds. A couple of minutes passed and it was all over...'s a zoomed shot of that same celestial explosion.
Here's a flower that grew in the front yard. I came home from work one night and took a couple of pokes at the shutter. This is my favorite, so much so that I've made it my desktop wallpaper on my computer.
Like the Huntington Library? I do too, and one of my favorite spots is the Japanese gardens. This is the bridge they have there, and though quite pretty, they don't allow anyone to get up on it. They have huge, beautiful, colorful koi in the pond.
Here's another shot of the Japanese gardens at the Huntington Library. What a gorgeous place. There was a guard standing in this shot. I waited a long time for other people to exit the frame, but he never budged. See if you can guess where I airbrushed him out...

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