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My buddy, John LaRussa. John and I go back to about 1967 (wow, is he old). John looks okay for his age though. Probably because we just had lunch together before this shot was taken. John is standing in front of a development his company is working on (he's a big wig in home construction.) The homes run about a million dollars (and over) per pop, and there's some 300 homes there. You do the math (my head hurts.) Hey, click <here> and go see my buddy's 50th birthday bash...
Travis, a neighbor at an apartment where I used to live in Valencia, poses in my patio garden. Travis and his brother, Nathan (pictured next), somehow latched onto coming over and playing video game at my place, even when Tyler wasn't around. They're good kids. Travis has a grin that would split a coconut and is about the most cheerful kid I've ever seen. Also, he never walks anywhere, but instead chooses to run at full speed. What a character.
Here's Nathan (the one on the left), Travis' brother. Nathan is about the smartest kid I've ever seen. Real quick at figuring things out and excellent recall of facts, names, places, etc. I'm convinced he's destined to be tops in whatever field he enters once he grows up, business, science, engineering, whatever.
Here's a photo of Nathan, Travis and Tyler shooting off a rocket. Travis is holding the controller, and the boys had a pretty good time chasing these things all over the campus of College of the Canyons. It was the only place we found where there was a field that was big enough to shoot them off. This shot was taken just a split second after the rocket ignited; you can see the heavy smoke trail as it zipped upward.
From right to left: Elena, her brother Andrey, and her friend from Armenia, Naira. Naira came to visit us in October of 2001. Elena and Naira go way back as friends (though they're both VERY young of course). Naira visits the US occasionally as part of her work.
Elena's pouring a cup of coffee for Naira as Andrey looks on. To Andrey's left is Sam (Naira's brother) and his son and mother. A couple of nights after this meal at our house, Andrey took Naira, Elena and I out to dinner to celebrate some good news for Naira. We went to Shabu-Shabu (or something like that) and had sushi, other oriental foods,  green tea, and funny desserts. It was a hoot.

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