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See the various photo albums below, but first let me start this page off by telling a little bit about the different ways I've gotten pictures for this site.

I've used several cameras over the years, but none so satisfying as the new digital cameras. I guess the old SLR's are still technically superior in terms of results (sharpness, color and things like that), but the new digital cameras have an extremely low operating expense and are super convenient. I pay nothing for "developing", and since I keep mine in my backpack, it's with me virtually everywhere I go.

Some of the shots on the site were taken with a traditional film camera I used an Olympus Stylus Zoom. It has a 35-70mm zoom lens, is small and easy to load, and is convenient to take along wherever I go. While I still keep it, it's no longer in my backpack. I've lent it to Tyler indefinitely, and it's certainly getting little use and will likely be relegated to the eBay pile at some point in the future (I just can't bring myself to do it yet it served me so well for so many years and I feel a certain loyalty to it.) Obviously, with a traditional photographic print, there needs to be a way to digitize it so that it can be posted on the web, etc. For this purpose (and others) I bought an incredibly inexpensive PacificImage 630p's done a poor  job though it only cost me around $30. I've since replaced it (it had rather disappointing results) with a very nice Epson Perfection 1650 Photo (which also does slides and negatives.)

Other shots were done with a digital Minolta Dimage V, a disappointing camera in several ways. Rather a gimmicky camera (the lens was removable), like many of the early digitals it had a lack of features and quality now readily available for reasonable cost. After I purchased my Sony, the Minolta went up on the eBay auction site where I sold it for almost as much as I had paid for it a year earlier. It earned it's keep, but just barely.

From about 2000 through 2002, most of my photography was performed with a Sony Mavica FD-83. While I was doing some consulting work with Joe Berk in August of 1999 (click on his name to jump to his photo website he's got lots of neat stuff there), he let me use his Sony here and there. I still had the Minolta at the time, but quickly found that between the two his was to be greatly preferred. The key feature of the Mavica line is the use of a floppy disk for the picture storage, thus eliminating the need for cables and download software (whew!). The picture quality was also much better than my old Minolta (colors more true and a sharper image, even at 640X480), and the battery life was impressively long with a short recharge cycle time. The macro mode of the lens allows one to get within an inch or so of an object for terrific close-ups. After using Joe's Sony on this assignment, I found a terrific deal on an "opened item" at the local Best Buy store. Since they were taking $150 off I found the temptation irresistible, and quickly purchased the Sony Mavica model FD-83. I auctioned off the Minolta on eBay and have never regretted it.

Image Hosting by auctionwatch.comJust before Christmas of 2002 I found myself hankering for a new picture taking gizmo. The workhorse Mavica was reliable and as good as ever, but higher resolution and a smaller form factor were working on my psyche. The Sony was a little too heavy to sling around ones neck for an all day jaunt, so I did some research and gave myself an early present in the beginning of December: a Nikon Coolpix 4300. It's a 4 megapixel camera with a great Nikon lens, a capable macro (close-up) mode, and enough bells and whistles to keep me occupied for a while. Very tiny compared to the Mavica. It's a pleasure to take hiking or wherever. I sold the old Mavica to my workplace, so I can still caress it whenever the mood strikes.

My latest equipment acquisition is a beautiful Nikon D70 D-SLR. In December of 2004, just before Elena and I went to France, I finally fulfilled a year-long fantasy and sprung for this gem. I had taken several years of Photography in high school (many years ago) and have always preferred the flexibility of an SLR (single lens reflex - go google it). Decades built up and this format incorporated the digital technology that's so ubiquitous these days, and for the past year I had been drooling over the thought of getting one of these. So just before our big year-end outing I talked with Elena and an internet order and overnight delivery later this arrived on the front doorstep. We had a great time in France (picture album below) and I've really come to enjoy my D70. It takes a little getting used to the complexity, but I'm enjoying every minute with it. I like it so much I bought another one for my work.




Elena's and Greg's Wedding and Honeymoon (6/2001) our wedding and trip to Europe.

General Family Photo Albums - various albums of family members.
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Nature several nature shots Greg's taken over the years.


Other Folks pictures of other people we love (besides immediate family).


Shots We Just Like these are ones that didn't exactly fit in the other categories.



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