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This is Tyler's Page

Whoa, Dude! Where ya' goin'? Check out my stuff... take a peek at the load I have on this page, then head on over to my punk site at www.punker.f2s.com.

My FAVORITE band: the Hippos. Listen to a sample of their trax (you have to download the file to your computer, or else "run" it from here): Click Here!

Here's a list of my favorite links:


www.thehippos.com this is the website for my favorite band, The Hippos.

www.mxpx.com another of my favorites, MXPX.

www.pennywisdom.com you're getting the idea that most of my links are to favorite bands? Good.

www.blink182.com a pretty well known band.

Against Odds Video

This is one of my favorite BMXers, Chris Duncan. Here's Chris doing a "no-hander suicide". Pretty scary, huh?
This is me shooting a double barrel, over and under, 20 gauge shotgun. My shoulder was hurting the rest of the day. Dad and I shot lots of clay pidgeons (the little disks in the box next to the thrower).
This is me getting my hair bleached just before my sister, Michelle, helped dye it blue. She did a good job.

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