Mount Wilson
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Mount Wilson

Here's the entrance to the compound. There's many antennas there, as well as a massive array on an adjoining property. We also took a picnic lunch (they have facilities there for it).
Don't stray too far off the path! There was even a sign that warned of "Radiation" (oh, my gosh).
This is the largest grouping of antennas across the road. They extend hundreds of feet into the air. It's really, really impressive. There's so much energy given off by these monsters that Andrey's remote car locks wouldn't work.
While on the property we found this "Triangulation Station" (surveyor's mark) set in the pavement. Guess they keep pretty close track of the property lines up there.
Wilson forged the trail to the top of the mountain that bears his name. He was also the grandfather of General George Patton. The telescope and observatory are largely the work of Hale.
Andrey shows off the trail head of the 12+ mile trail down the mountain to the Pasadena parking lot. We plan on making the trek (about a 6 hour journey according to Andrey) sometime soon.
My bunny in front of the museum they have on the property.
Inside the museum they have these back-lighted plaques surrounding the walls. There's several other exhibit pieces that show the construction of the tower and hunks 'o junk off of old timing mechanisms that moved the large telescopes in their tracking.
Here's the sun observatory poking it's head about the tree tops...
...this shot from the base gives you an idea of how huge the structure really is. I'm guessing it's an elevator to the top inside the central shaft. Amazingly, the girders aren't solid. They're hollow, and inside them is a redundant framework that supports the optical elements of the observatory. In this way they shield the optical elements from wind vibration since it's entirely shielded by the outside girder which supports the majority of the platform. Weird.
The 60 inch telescope wasn't open, but the 100 inch Hale telescope has a visitor's gallery (see below).
Here's the small footbridge leading to the 100 inch Hale telescope. Just to the right of the bridge (out of view) is a 500,000 gallon water tank for fighting any fires.
Here's what all the fuss was about. For more info please visit the Mount Wilson website at:

You can also take a peek at the Mount Wilson webcam.



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