Washington DC Redux
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Washington DC Redux

My honey posing in front of the Metro Station sign in Pentagon City. This metro station was right under the hotel we stayed at -- The Ritz-Carlson. Very nice accomodations there! As always, the Washington DC metro system ran well, on time, and was very affordable. An all day pass was $5 after 9:30 in the morning.
We spent one afternoon in Georgetown. We walked around (kind of cloudy weather) and enjoyed the interesting shops. Here, Elena is figuring out our next move...
...through some of the residential areas of Georgetown. Along our walk we found this pretty flowering shrub.
Here's a close up of the flowers. They look just like little hearts, don't they?
Here's one of the beautiful homes of Georgetown. Many of the sidewalks are brick. Fronting for these picturesque homes they make quite an attractive setting for the flowering trees and other landscaping.
We took one of the "Washington DC at Night" tours. Here Elena poses in front of the congressional building.
This is the "Zero Milestone", just in front of the White House. When you see the mileage to anyplace noted as "so many miles from Washington DC", it's measured from the centerpoint of this marker. Elena is poking at the little nib on top that marks the exact center. Guess she's about 3000 miles from Upland, California at this point.
Seaweed Salad at Sushi Taro. Need I say more?
Here's the Bureau of Engraving and Printing where they make our nation's money supply. We took a tour here through the facility. Very security conscious, they make you sign up the morning in advance of your tour and present your driver's license (or other government issued photo identification) before they let you in.
I dropped my wallet on the floor during the tour and this fell out... Seriously, this is one million dollars in $10 bills. Nice little stack, eh?
At the end of the tour they show you a billion dollar showcase. Take a look at the next shot...
...to see some of the rarely used (now obsolete) $100,000 bills. These were once used to facilitate large transfers between different branches of the federal reserve system.
We had nice weather the day we visited the Smithsonian Museum.
At the Smithsonian Elena stopped to participate in an exhibit on Chinese writing and brush strokes. Powerful look of concentration, huh?
I didn't use the flash when we visited the Museum of Natural History, because it would have washed out the gorgeous mineral specimens we were looking at.
Elena wanted to take home the Hope diamond. But I said we'd pick it up next time.



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