Claremont Wilderness Park
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You can go to the right and take Cobal Canyon or to the left for Burbank Canyon. Doesn't matter which way you go, it's all one big circle.
Reading the sign at the entrance to the park (just at the top of Mills in Claremont) makes one wonder just how dangerous this really is. Don't worry, it's simply a nice place to take a nature walk.
We found a lot of flowers in the unseasonably warm March weather. But most of them were very small, so I ended up taking a lot of close-ups with the macro mode on the Mavica.
Elena seems to be searching for something...
A pretty yellow flower, this came on a bush that was covered with blossoms. I used to have one of these plants at the house I rented in Claremont. I don't know it's name, but it's pretty.
Another shot showing the expansive canyon beyond.
Lots of little blossoms so long as one paid attention to the side of the road. I guess you'd miss it if you went by on a bike or horse, but walking allowed us to leisurely stop and look at things up close.
More little things. Take a look and see if you can find the bug in this picture. I didn't even notice it until I came home and downloaded the pictures from the camera.
More pretty little blossoms. They look knobby, don't they?
A view across the canyon.
These little things aren't so impressive up close, but see the next shot to take a peek at the whole plant... looks like it has a thousand eyes (reminds me of the poem).
Pretty color, huh?!
More little blossoms. These looked kind of like snapdragons, but they weren't.
...and still more.
In some areas of the trail (a fire road really) you could see how the horses and mountain bikes compete with each other.
At a couple of places we saw these big "X's" marked on the ground. I think they were telemetry targets for satellites, but what do I know?

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