Cooking and Gardening
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Cooking and Gardening

Here's a pan of peroshky (that's how it sounds anyway). These are bread dumplings filled with various meat, potato, and other concoctions. You can then fry or bake them.
We start with flattened pieces of bread dough (the kind you get in the freezer section of the market). Spoon in the filling, fold over and firmly pinch the edges closed.
Once you have the little plumper closed up, plop it in the fryer and turn once to make each side golden brown. Good fillings are:
bulletGround meat with onions
bulletMashed potatos with cream and green onions
bulletSour kraut (washed, then browned in a frying pan with onions and brown sugar)
bulletCombinations of the above
bulletTry your own ideas!

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