General Family Photo Albums
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General Family Photo Albums


Kids Photos some of the pictures Greg's tortured the kids with over the years.


Michelle's Graduation (6/2000) here' a few shots taken at Michelle's Graduation.


Brian's Graduation (5/2001) here' a few shots taken at Brian's Graduation.


Pepper (our cat) these are shots of Pepper, the royal presence in the household.

MVC-612S.JPG (38678 bytes) Cooking and Gardening various home life shots.
MVC-495S.JPG (49934 bytes) All Kinds of Family Shots all kinds of people in these!
MVC-837F.JPG (245567 bytes) Brian and Carla's Wedding (6/2002) here's the big Las Vegas event.
MVC-855S.JPG (52328 bytes) George's Visit (7/2002) Elena's father, George, came for a visit.

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