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Kids Photos

Here's Michelle, Tyler, and Michelle's friend, Chanelle, quizzically pondering the implications of "Bubble Gum Alley" in San Luis Obispo. We took a day trip up there in the few days between Christmas 1999 and New Years. This is an alley where folks have been sticking chewing gum on the walls (along with other disgusting things) for years.
My mom and Michelle. This was taken at an IHOP in the San Fernando Valley near to where mom lives. We've made a happy habit out of all going to breakfast together lately on the weekends when the kids are with me. Good habit.

I snapped this photo (scanned from a print) of Brian when he was back in southern California over the holidays. It was a treat having him here...good lookin' kid, huh?

This one was taken when we had a day together at Disneyland. Michelle was sitting in the restaurant while we were eating dinner and recuperating from all of the walking around. She looked so pretty I just had to take this shot. This is a scan of a print.
Here, Michelle and Tyler pose in front of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. I fell in love with this architectural work of art the very first time I saw it.
Tyler and Michelle shivering on the wall just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Can you tell Tyler's cold?
...Well, he sure didn't seem to mind the chill of these southern California waters when he was boogie-boarding in the summer of 1999. Whoopee!
Here's Jan (mother), Michelle (daughter), Kitty (maternal Grandmother), and Helen (paternal Grandmother). We took this shot over at Jan's house on Mother's Day, 2000.
Here's Michelle getting ready to board the bus to go to her Senior Prom (it was held at the Autry Museum). Doug dyed his hair silver to match his charcoal gray tux and silver shoes...pretty daring, huh?
We had a nice picnic at the park in May, 2000. It was a beautiful day. Tyler brought the guitar and played some tunes for us. Us guys kicked a soccer ball around a little bit. And once Michelle showed up (typical female -- late again) we finally got a chance to eat. It was a lot of fun.
Here's Tyler serenading my Mom. Tyler's pretty good on the guitar. Take a look at his page, and if you're adventuresome you can jump to his own punk website to get a taste of the music he likes.
Here's Michelle on her graduation night giving Tyler a big hug. Or maybe he's giving her the hug, you try and guess...
...and Tyler in his proud moment in graduating from Pinetree Elementary School. The diploma's official!
I don't know what Tyler was grumped up about, but Michelle and Brian look pretty amused. I think I mentioned before how happy my kids are when they know I'm going to feed them. We all gathered at a favorite breakfast spot, The Way Station in Santa Clarita. They serve up a humongous pile of hash brown potatoes, and there's always a line to get a spot to sit.
One of the kids snapped this shot of Mom and I. In the back you can see some of the signs on the wall that give The Way Station it's special ambiance.
Brian came for a family visit on Thanksgiving 2001. I got a shot of the kids all together (a rare event these days).

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