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Like the independent female she is, Pepper has an aloof regal dignity that all cats seem to share. I miss my dogs.
Pepper didn't seem to mind my getting in so close. Of course, it's easy with the Sony Mavica because of the nice lens can get fairly close without actually sticking the thing up her poor nose. Speaking of which, doesn't it look like it'd be fun to rub?
Elena caught Pepper out in the backyard roaming around. Pepper doesn't much like the other cats in the neighborhood. She's rather anti-social, and crouches and slinks whenever one of them comes around to make friends.
Here's a shot of Pepper scurrying away from a friendly cat who comes around now and again. Pepper likes to watch the other cats through the window, but so far hasn't shown much of a taste for face to face contact.
Elena put Pepper into a wooden tub in our backyard, a tub that's filled with flowers and other plants. Pepper stayed in place just long enough to allow these few pictures. What a cutie!
Here Pepper peeks under the bench the tub was on. Wonder if she saw a bug down there (she's such a huntress you know.)
Here's Pepper posing with Elena. One of them looks uncomfortable, you guess which.
Pepper casts a baleful glance in my direction as I disturb one of her seemingly never-ending naps with a quick snap of the flash. Wish I could relax as well as she.

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